Food: Memorial Day weekend in Moab

I would suggested reading my post on what we did in Moab, UT as it always plays a role in what we eat. For this trip, we were car camping so weight didn’t matter at all; but we still were only working with a backpacking stove and were jumping from activity to activity throughout the entire day. This meant that we usually didn’t have time for larger, more complicated meals.

Breakfast: Like most of our trips, we ate oatmeal and hot chocolate in the morning. We also added in pop-tarts and bananas to our regular adventure breakfast.

Lunches: Usually with lunch it consists of power bars, trail mix and other snacks because we are on the trail, or we make it home in time for lunch; but we were able sit down for more of a lunch. We ate snacks like usual; but we also had avocado sandwiches, which was amazing to have while sitting down after a a long hike. The avocados don’t need to be refrigerated until they are opened. We split one avocado and ate with a couple slices of bread and some salt and pepper.

Dinner: Again, we were using a backpacking stove and car camping, which changed what we could do with our dinner. We are also getting ready to go on a larger backpacking trip to Yosemite, so we tested out some potential meals for that trip. We had an easy Mountain House meal (I will be postinga review on Mountain House meals that I recommend and how I like to tweak them to make them amazing). Dinner night two, we had the fiesta rice that we had when we went to Island Lake last summer, but this time we didn’t make it nearly as spicy, which made it better.

We also had classic s’mores while in camp watching the sunset.

We ate twice in Moab. When we barely arrived in Moab we stopped at Jailhouse Cafe for breakfast. Allyse had fried eggs over an English muffin with potatoes. It was great, but was not spicy like the menu claimed. I had ginger pancakes with Dutch butter syrup. They smelled like a fresh baked gingerbread house, but the gingerbread taste wasn’t as prominent as a gingerbread cookie. The syrup was divine because it wasn’t super sweet like regular syrup, but it did provide the right amount of creamy moistening that the pancakes needed. Right before we left, we ate at the Quesadilla Mobilla. We started out with chips and guacamole, which was good, but looked store-bought and they were fairly small for the price. The quesadillas that we got were tasty. Allyse got the Dirt Bag with chicken added. It had refried beans, rice and shredded grilled chicken. Dipping it in chipotle lime sour cream brought a delicious smoky flavor to the classic Mexican dish. I got the Southern Belle with shredded beef in red sauce with potatoes in mine. It was super juicy with awesome flavor with the chipotle lime sour cream and their salsa.

Quesadilla Mobilla Menu

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