Food in Zion NP

While in Zion, we stayed in the Bumbleberry Hotel just outside of Zion NP in Springdale, UT. We were there for 2 nights and 2 days. On our way out to Zion, we got fast food and ate it in the car before we arrived at the hotel and and went immediately to sleep.

Saturday, our hotel offered us free breakfast through the restaurant, so we headed over there. Allyse got eggs, potatoes and bacon, which was all cooked really well. I thought that the potatoes were slightly dry, but everything was great. I got Belgian waffles, which were fairly soft and moist. Overall, they had great options and good food. For lunch, we ate in our hotel room cut up veggies with ranch, avocado sandwiches, and other snacks that we had while we watched the goats and miniature horses in the farm next to our hotel. While hanging down in the valley, we got soft serve ice cream.

For dinner Saturday night, we were recommended Oscar’s Cafe by some friends and their menu looked pretty good when we looked at it before we left. We decided to order what we wanted most and split our meals so we could try more of the food options they had. We started out with chips and some of their homemade salsa. Salsa had a good kick to it, that wasn’t enough to take away the flavor, but to enhance the flavor. For our entrees, we order the avocado chip burger and the chili verde burrito. The avocado chip burger had good meat that was blander than what I was expecting after reading the burger’s description. They did not skimp on the avocado, which when eaten with chipotle mayo provided a spicy creamy flavor which makes up for the blander meat. It also has corn chips in the burger as well providing a crunchy texture with a smooth, creamy texture from the mayo and avocado.

For breakfast and lunch on Sunday, we ate snacks while we were on the trail because we started hiking Angel’s landing super early. After we got off the trail, we grabbed soft serve and rested on the grass in front of the lodge. On the way home, we grabbed some fast food really quick for dinner.

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