Food for the Coast: Pt. Reyes

Because we were backpacking into Pt. Reyes with a larger group and we were doing the food together, we could play around with weight and be a little more extravagant with the food. Also with having more people, we had to bring more food and be careful that everyone got enough to eat. (check my post about hiker hunger)

We started out with eating lunch at the trailhead on Monday, which mostly consisted of snacks and a sandwich with a drink for most people. Most of the group were a little woozy after making the drive to the trailhead, but we were able to eat and fuel up before the hike. That night’s dinner was consisted of dehydrated potatoes and sausages. Potatoes were re-hydrated and mixed with powdered milk to make them creamier. Because of the cooler temperatures, the boiling water loses heat rapidly, so we made envelops out of windshield sunscreens to trap the heat while it was re-hydrating. The potatoes turned out nice and creamy, but slightly hard from not fully re-hydrating. The sausages were stuck on roasting sticks and cooked over propane burner (I don’t think all of them were cooked, so always check your meat). We ended the day with s’mores roasted over a campfire on the beach. Pt. Reyes is particular about fire permits, so you have to request a fire permit each day that you want to have a fire the day you have the fire. We could only have one the first night.

Tuesday, we hung around camp and chilled so our food was pretty relaxed. Breakfast was oatmeal or granola and powdered milk with hot chocolate. Granola with powdered milk when mixed had the consistency of cereal. For lunch, we ate snacks including avocado sandwiches, beef jerky, cheese and crackers, and granola bars out on the beach watching the tide come in. For dinner, we made Mexican rice and beans. In a quart Ziploc freezer bag, we poured boiling water to re-hydrate instant rice, dehydrated refried beans, taco seasoning, and chicken, while it was in our envelop cozies from the night before. After mixing in Fritos chips, it had a good crunch and flavor with the seasonings and was filling for a pretty low weight.

Wednesday, we ate some oatmeal and hot chocolate before making the hike out. We ate at Buckhorn’s BBQ on the way back. Overall, the dinner’s were better than regular backpacking dinner’s that I’ve had, but everything else was quite similar to other meals that I’ve eaten.

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