Food for Silver and Island Lakes

I am putting the meal plans for my Silver and Island Lake trips together because they quite short and dinner for the food plan was the only meal different.

For breakfast on both trips, we ate oatmeal packets and hot chocolate. It is a simple meal to make and filling to get ready for hiking out. I also love hot chocolate and oatmeal in the morning on camping trips.

For snacks on both trips, we ate different snacks including Cliff Bars, trail mix, beef jerky, other granola bars, and Goldfish. For snacks on a shorter trip, the weight doesn’t matter as much because you won’t be carrying the food as far. I still wouldn’t bring anything outrageous, but snacks like Goldfish , which are nice to eat but not calorie dense, would still be a good snack. See Hiker Hunger¬†for more information about calorie dense foods.

For lunch on both trips, we made it back home around lunch time so we just ate a late lunch at home.

For dinner while at Silver Lake, we boiled water and used it to cook Top Ramen and chicken. It’s a simple dinner to make because it is just boiling water. The dinner was light-weight consisting of a couple Top Ramen packets and an envelope of pre-cooked chicken. Bringing pre-cooked chicken is ideal for backpacking because uncooked chicken needs to be kept refridgerated, which is almost impossible out on the trail. They do have plastic packets or cans of chicken, so the weight and spacial difference doesn’t matter as much with shorter trips as it does with longer trips.

For dinner Island Lake, we cooked fiesta rice and chicken. We put insta-rice in a freezer gallon bag with taco seasoning and other seasonings. We boiled water and put the water and the pre-cooked chicken into the bag. After letting it sit for about 9 minutes, the rice was fully cooked and everything was warm. The dinner was light weight.

As always make sure that you are always filtering your water, even though you may be boiling it.

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