Eating with Dinosaurs: Dinosaur NM

The food for this trip was different compared to a lot of the other trips that we’ve been because of course, our options change as the equipment and other circumstances change. This trip we did a lot of cooking over the campfire, using the grill grate on the campfire ring. Because Kenzie and Zach went with us, they brought a grill and pots and pans that we don’t usually bring, which helped, but it also meant we were cooking for a larger group than usual. We were close to Vernal, UT, so we actually stopped at a grocery store in Vernal for food as we drove in and picked some more food up on Saturday.

Friday night, after setting everything up, we got the grill going and grilled hotdogs and hamburgers. With all of the fixings, they were well done and filling. We had chips and other snacks to go along with them. Since she is worried about raw meat, Allyse cooked some Spaghettios for herself. While we were cooking, it was off and on raining on us, which made it difficult at sometimes to grill because the grill kept going out and not staying hot. Always make sure your cookware works in all weather conditions.

Saturday morning, we got up and started the fire. After moving the fire under the grill, we placed a couple of cast iron skillets on the grill to cook our scrambled eggs and bacon. We should’ve built a larger fire that covered a larger area of the grate because while the eggs were getting a lot of heat and cooking well, the bacon wasn’t getting enough until the eggs were done and the bacon could be centered over the fire. Also pouring the bacon grease over the fire helped to really get it going. We also made some hot chocolate, but the water also had a weird taste, so it wasn’t as good.

Lunch was deli meat sandwiches and snacks. A fairly easy meal that we had sitting at a pavilion close to the Desert Voices trailhead, which Zach and I did right after (see trip itinerary post).

That night for dinner, we again used the grate over the fire to cook and even though, we learned and built a larger fire under the grate, it was extremely windy, so the smoke was going everywhere and sometimes it was hard to keep the fire going. We made burritos with rice, beans, chicken, and cheese. In a pot, we threw water and insta-rice to cook, while in a cast iron skillet, we threw beans, precooked chicken and taco seasoning in the center of the fire. Over Zach’s grill, we warmed the tortillas. With some cheese and salsa, we made some pretty great burritos. With some milk, we made some awesome hot chocolate for sitting around the fire.

Since Sunday morning we packed up and left in a hurry as it was raining, we decided to stop in Vernal for donuts at a local shop and McDonald’s hash browns.

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